Qatar: No Bank Card Required, Biometric Eye scans to access ATMs

  • November 25, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 1 min read

Qatar National Bank has rolled out new technology that does away with the need for bank cards and PIN numbers to access ATMs.
Instead, the machines recognize customers by scanning their eyes.
QNB first began installing biometric eye scan verification in its ATMs last September and reminded customers about the option in an email this week.
So far, 14 branches around Qatar have been fitted with the technology, and more ATMS are being added as the system expands, QNB said in a statement.
How it works
To use the technology, customers must register for the service by presenting their smart Qatar ID card (with the chip) at a local branch.
The bank said the service will “provide more security and convenience” to its users.
Biometric technology is catching on in the country.
Just a few months ago, Commercial Bank Qatar announced plans to introduce finger vein scans at their ATMs.
The technology is considered highly secure due to the uniqueness of individual vein patterns.
These are established in the womb and remain largely unchanged throughout one’s life, according to providers. [DohaNews]