A New Product For Workers Safety In Qatar

  • February 13, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

The Qatar Mobility and Innovations Centre (QMIC) is set to launch an innovative product that will increase the safety of labourers at work places in a big way, according to an official.
“The new product, to be displayed at the QITCOM (Qatar ICT Conference and Exhibition) 2017 early next month, is developed under our Hawa’ak platform,” Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya, executive director and CEO of QMIC, said.
Hawa’ak was developed locally and fully by QMIC to put useful real-time and historical information about air quality, weather, and radiation in the hands of those who need it most.
“The new product is an end-to-end innovative system that will allow to monitor the heat index intelligently and develop and enforce policies and regulations that are put in place by the Ministry of Labour and other authorities. It is something that becomes a business enabler as well as an innovative way of dealing with heat conditions,” Abu-Dayya said.
“It is a combination of heat and humidity information. The product will show how these factors can be handled intelligently and efficiently in a way that it has not been done earlier. It will be very informative and helps everyone involved in the whole ecosystem,” the official said.
QMIC is collaborating with some of the key entities in the country and the details of the product will be announced next month. Post QITCOM, the product is to be launched with QMIC’s national partners ‘within a few months.’
According to Abu-Dayya, the new product is a solution that will help all the stakeholders involved in supporting the safety of labourers.
“It involves all the stakeholders right from decision makers to end users. It will show the world that we are doing our part to help the labourers. Hopefully, it will enhance the welfare of a great section of the population,” he said.
QMIC’s Hawa’ak platform provides tools and mechanisms for research and health studies from the collected information, essentially providing a national platform for unified visibility into different aspects of Qatar’s local environment. It is used by leading organisations such as Qatar Foundation and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy to monitor air quality at their premises.[GulfTimes]