Top Ten Biggest Workout Mistakes

  • October 5, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

3. Doing an exercise too fast

There are some people who tend to finish their workout too quickly. They perform two to three reps at one go. This is bad for the body. When working out, slow and controlled repetitions are better. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of the exercise. A general rule regarding weight lifting is 1 second up and 3 second down. Rushing a workout is not really effective and can cause severe injury.

2. Not stretching pre-workout

A common mistake that a lot of people tend to do. Stretching is a key part of working out. Neglecting to stretch before you start your workout can lead to severe pain in your neck, back, shoulders and other joints in your body. A good stretching can also help you to work out better.

1. Cardio before training

If your goal is to build and maintain lean muscles then avoid doing cardio before training. Running, cycling or any sort of cardio before lifting prevents your body from getting the most out of that workout. You can try doing resistance training before weight lifting. Resistance training helps your body maximize the result out of a lifting session. Also, resistance training pushes your body to the limit, as a result, your body continues to burn more calories than it would have during cardio. (curiousmob)

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