Top Ten Biggest Workout Mistakes

  • October 5, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

8. Lifting Too Little

Some people think that if they lift little but increase the repetitions then they will gain better results. While increased repetitions do provide results, there is a certain weight limit to that. You need to lift a decent amount of weight before the results will start showing. Using a heavier weight with 8-12 repetitions will get you a better result.

7. Doing too many isolation exercises

An Isolation exercise is the ones which focus on one particular area. Doing too many of them isn’t beneficial for your body. You need to mix it up with compound exercises, those which focuses on more than one body part, to see better results. You can get a better workout in a shorter time by doing compound exercise since they use more energy and boost your metabolism. Some of the most commonly done compound exercises are dumbbell lunges, deep squats, leg raises with a crunch.

6. Taking Advise From An Unprofessional

When you are starting to workout you often take advice from friends and family. While your friends and family are only trying to help you, avoid taking any advice from them. Chances are that they don’t know what the right workout schedule is for you. They might end up giving advanced level exercises for a beginner like you. Sometimes you may not like doing a certain exercise or your body may not be ready to deal with it. Avoid doing such exercises. If you are looking for advice then go for the professional exercise. Ask the trainers at the gym for such advice.

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