Lower Your Blood Sugar Instantly With These 10 Foods

  • October 27, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

4. Chia seeds
Chia seeds are becoming more popular these days so it’s a lot easier to find them in your local stores. Chia is a fantastic way of getting lots of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Chia seeds are also full of lots of good nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are virtually tasteless, so there’s no excuse to not incorporate them into your cooking.
3. Wheatgrass
Don’t let the name put you off, wheatgrass has a slightly sweet taste and is one of the most nutritionally dense foods you can consume, for lowering blood sugar. As wheatgrass is made from the grass and not the grain, it’s also gluten-free. Chlorophyll, which is found in all green foods, is abundant in wheatgrass and works wonders on lowering blood sugar levels.
2. Fish
It’s not uncommon knowledge that fish has many great health benefits, but because of this it makes it a great way of controlling blood sugar levels. Make sure you purchase quality fish, and avoid anything that is fried or covered in breadcrumbs.
1. Lentils
Lentils are full of fiber, potassium, protein and iron which makes it a valuable asset in controlling blood sugar levels. Not only are lentils delicious but they actually take no time to prepare and cook very quickly. They can also be used in many different meals, so there’s absolutely no reason to not add them to your food schedule. (viralcycle)

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