Eight Most Dangerous Things In Your Home

  • October 6, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

Thanks to modern inventions, modern medicine and a lot of things we have learned though the centuries about safety, people today are probably safer from accidents than at any other time in history. Despite all the safety precautions we take, it’s unlikely that any of us will ever be completely safe from everything. There are dangers that lurk right inside your own home that can kill you. Being aware of these potential hazards could help keep you out of harms way in the place you would normally feel most safe. In your own home.
#1 False Ceiling:

Disturbance of dust above conventional Plaster of Paris (PoP) false ceilings represents a significant risk to susceptible patients, and they should be protected from such exposure. Dampness becomes a problem when false ceiling gypsum board in buildings become wet for extended periods of time. As the air-conditioned air circulated above false ceiling, excessive moisture in the air (i.e., high relative humidity) that is not properly controlled with air conditioning can also lead to excessive dampness.
#2 Fire retardants
There’s definitely a bit of a trade-off going on here since everyone would probably agree that making products that are less likely to catch fire is a good thing. The downside is that manufacturers use chemicals in these products that have been linked to learning disabilities, reproductive disorders, and thyroid problems. There are also studies that indicate they could be linked to cancer.
#3 Plastic containers
Plastic containers used to store food and drink are the main problem here, since plastics can contain a chemical known as bisphenol-a or BPA. BPA is well known as a hormone disruptor meaning in can wreak havoc with the body’s normal hormone levels. Hormones are absolutely essential to keep our bodies functioning normally, so disrupting them can cause a host of problems, many of which we probably have not even discovered yet.

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