10 Dangers of E Cigarettes

  • October 23, 2016
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Hailed by many as the “magic bullet” that will allow millions of people to stop smoking, e cigarettes have come onto the scene with much fanfare. When they are used properly, they may offer smokers an effective solution that will allow them stop smoking, but what if they become as habit-forming as the real cigarettes people are trying to stop using? Since e cigarettes contain nicotine, smokers will still get their “fix” by smoking of “vaping” with e cigarettes. The question then becomes, how does the user break their addiction to nicotine, and stop using it completely? E cigarettes do not expose users to many of the harmful ingredients that are found in cigarette smoke, but what about the vapor that e cigarettes produce? Is that safe, or are there risks associated with that as well? The following are some of the potential risks of using e cigarettes.
#10 Children
First and foremost, it’s important for e cigarette users to understand that the fluids used to refill them is extremely dangerous, and should be kept where kids cannot access them. Since the liquids are prepared with numerous attractive flavors like watermelon, bubble gum and cotton candy, they can be extremely attractive to children. Since they contain high concentrations of nicotine, ingesting the fluid is a serious health hazard. Just a few drops of the fluid contain enough nicotine to pose a serious danger to children, including irregular heartbeat, convulsions, coma, and even death.
#9 Toxic chemicals
Since the e cigarette industry is mostly unregulated, the formulas that are used to manufacture refill liquid is somewhat of a mystery. Independent testing of various refill fluids revealed that some of them contained cancer-causing chemicals. There’s also the danger posed by fluid that is produced in countries like China, where product safety laws are more lax or simply are not enforced.
#8 Long-term safety
There’s no doubt that getting away from real cigarettes is a good thing. The potential problem is that e cigarette users may view them as a healthy option, even though the potential long-term dangers of their use is currently not well understood. Additionally, any activity that continues to further an addiction to nicotine certainly cannot be considered healthy.
#7 More smoking
Since the vapor produced by e cigarettes is not as offensive to many people as cigarette smoke, there are places where it is acceptable to use e cigarettes that would not permit the smoking of tobacco products. This may encourage users to use e cigarettes even more frequently than they smoked real cigarettes, and make it more of a temptation to satisfy those nicotine cravings more frequently.
#6 Ineffective
Tests conducted on e cigarette filters showed that many of them did not reduce the amount of nicotine the user was inhaling as they were supposed to do. A user who is attempting to ween off of nicotine gradually will not be successful if the method they are using to cut down on nicotine does not work. Although well-intentioned, many e cigarette users may end up simply replacing one bad habit with another one that’s considered more socially acceptable.

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