Ten Easy Ways to Lose Body Fat

  • October 16, 2016
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  • 3 min read

Whether it’s due to a pair of jeans that are much more difficult to squeeze into, a big social event on your calendar, or just a desire to be healthier, there are plenty of good reasons to work on eliminating excess body fat. Most people don’t like how it makes them look, but there are reasons that may be even more important. Recent research has revealed that excess body fat can be a genuine health hazard. Even if someone is not considered obese, that bit of extra fat around the mid section can increase the risk of serious health problems significantly. There are a number of ways to eliminate excess body fat, including the following.
#1 Ditch the scale
Getting into the habit of weighing yourself too often can sabotage your efforts to lose body fat. In some cases, it is possible that working out will build muscle and disguise the fact that you are losing body fat which can leave your weight unchanged. It might be best to gauge your progress by simply looking in the mirror and weight yourself once in a while.
#2 Make cuts slowly
Reducing your calorie intake can certainly help eliminate body fat, but it’s best to reduce your caloric intake a little at a time. Cutting down too abruptly might make your body think you are starving and slow your metabolism to conserve energy, making it extremely difficult to burn off excess body fat.
#3 Mix it up
Instead of consuming the same number of calories every day, try varying it a bit from day-to-day. This will help prevent your body from settling into one mode, and help you avoid the lowering of your metabolism when your body thinks you are starving due to low caloric intake.
#4 Weight training
If you’re really serious about burning off extra fat, weight training is one of the best things you can do. Working out burns calories, and weight training may even be a better way than aerobic exercise to drop extra body fat since the workout you get from weight training prompts your body to continue to burn calories for nearly 40 hours after you have completed the workout.
#5 Eat more fat
Sounds counter intuitive, right? For decades the public has been told that eating virtually any kind of fat is bad, and promotes weight gain. It turns out that not all fat is as bad as we have been told. Fats from foods like nuts, peanut butter, eggs, olive oil and fish are actually beneficial to health, and can help you lose that extra body fat.

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