World class technology to make Qatar rail safe, reliable

  • February 12, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 3 min read

Qatar’s flagship railway project is equipped with world-class technology and tailor-made transport solutions that enables Qatar Rail to operate high standard systems that are safe, reliable, and cost-efficient, an official of a German firm has said.
Michael Ahlgrimm, DB Engineering and Consulting executive director – Qatar, said DB E&C is involved in the Qatar Railway Integrated Project since 2008 to support Qatar Rail’s thrust to develop attractive, efficient, and reliable public transport system in the country.
He said DB E&C’s main tasks include alignment, stakeholder interaction, preliminary design and tender design, design review, and technical support to Qatar Rail “in all fields of railways engineering.”
“Our understanding of our role in this project was to develop a world-class metro for Qatar. This is in accordance with the clients’ requirements and based on our huge experience of planning and delivering international projects. Our focus was to plan a safe, sustainable, and high-quality metro system at an economically-reasonable price,” Ahlgrimm told Gulf Times in an exclusive interview.
From project conception and preliminary design, Ahlgrimm said the company focused on combining years of experience in tailor-made transport systems with the requirements of “an excellent metro system” to ensure that the project can move passenger and goods efficiently, safely, and economically.
“Qatar is very open for ideas on innovation so, I believe it is our responsibility to support Qatar in having, establishing, and running an excellent metro system,” he stressed.
Ahlgrimm also said a “very short” planning to operation timeframe is among the salient features that sets the project apart from other metro and high-speed railway projects around the world.
“Starting from zero means to implement and complete a new transport system. Working together with a high professional client from the beginning, DB E&C is always committed to the client and its targets, including all efforts to achieve the best railways systems for Qatar,” Ahlgrimm said.
Aside from railway, Ahlgrimm noted that DB E&C plays a role in Qatar’s community and contributes in development of Qatar’s youth through various activities and programmes.
“We have very good partnerships with public and private sector leaders in Qatar such as Qatar University. Aside from sports events, we have a programme that introduces and attracts young people to rail because rail is a completely new industry in Qatar.
“You have to attract young people, not only to use the system, but to work for Qatar Rail or for the operator later on. By going to the university, you can showcase the advantages, education, and career paths in different industries,” Ahlgrimm stressed.
Citing sports as an example, Ahlgrimm said DB E&C is proud to participate in the upcoming National Sport Day. He said the company will be the main sponsor of the German Industry and Commerce ‘4th Annual Football Tournament’ slated on February 14 at the Al Sadd Sports Club.
“We are very proud to participate in National Sport Day festivities, especially because football is a very important sport in both Germany and Qatar. What is important for us is that we bring people together because sports encompasses all borders, it creates communities, and it builds families.
“DB, in general, is very interested to support sports events worldwide with our services and know how…and it is a good chance for DB E&C in Qatar to show that we are part of the community here and that is very important for us,” he said.[Gulf Times]