Top 8 Highly Paid Jobs In The World

  • November 29, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 4 min read

No matter what we are doing we are constantly thinking about money. Money is the reason we work and that is why we concentrate on what career we should choose so we can get more salary and get a better standard of living. It makes sense after all the amount of time we spend working to earn the money we might as well figure out the best path to take to maximize the pay.

8. Business Operations Manager

A business operations manager performs business’ day-to-day operations analysis to help the company move towards its organizational goal successfully. It takes years of experience and training to ascend to this position and requires motivational and leadership skills to motivate and control the employees and operational activities.
Average Yearly Salary- $116,000.

7. Financial Manager

A Financial Manager helps an organization to strategically manage their finances. They help organize all the financial matters, set goals and devise strategies to maximize profits in every way. This job is just as stressful as it sounds and takes long hours of work.
Average Yearly Salary- $126,000

6. Lawyer

A lawyer advises individuals and businesses about legal situations. They help them out of tough legal situations in court where sometimes it’s a matter of life and death. They are sometimes the reason lots of innocent lives are saved. Their pay depends on their experience, location, and specialty and also the firm they work for. A lawyer can choose to specialize in various fields of criminal or civil law or they can choose to provide consultancy services to clients. Average Yearly Salary- $120,000

5. IT Manager

IT manager designs and engineers complex software and computer systems that organizations use all over the world. They would oversee the IT department of an organization and its overall computer system where they have to coordinate workflows, device security strategy, develop and budget new software ideas, directing Information technology, hiring IT personnel, etc. They also contribute in policy making about quality standards and strategic planning. Average Yearly Salary- $122,000

4. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers watch consumer trends and devise marketing plans for the products or services. Their effort is to increase sales revenue by strategically promoting the product or service to get the optimum result out of the strategy. They always have to make sure promotion costs do not exceed the sales. They analyze their opponent’s products and services and improve their own strategy to increase revenue and thus increase profitability. They constantly have to deal with the media and the entire target consumer and they are integral part of building the image of the organization to the world.
Average Yearly Salary- $123,000

3. Pharmacist

A pharmacist’s job plays a very integral part of the health industry of the world. They are responsible for handling people’s medical conditions, recuperating process, and overall health and wellness. They dispense prescription medications and provide the correct information about medications to patients. Their information can result fatal in some cases and thus their job is one of the highest paid jobs currently. Average Yearly Salary- $131,000

2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEOs are the decision makers, leaders, and managers of an organization. They are the most integral cogs in the success machine of a company and their actions and decisions result in the company’s success or failure. Their vision, inspiration, and leadership are what make the company what it is. This job takes years and years of experience and corporate training, thus it is one of the highest paying jobs currently. Average Yearly Salary- $160,000

1. Physician

A physician is truly responsible for a person’s life and one wrong move can prove fatal to the patients. They are in charge of diagnosing patients’ diseases, prescribing them medication, and treating their illness. This job takes the highest amount of education and training, which is 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school and up to 8 years of internship and residency. However, all the hard work pays off at the end of the day when your job gets the highest paycheck.
Average Yearly Salary- $200,000

Getting a fat paycheck at the end of the day can really help wide those sweat away from your forehead that comes because of hard work. It makes everything a lot easier and puts everything else in perspective.[curiousmob]