Qatar Charity (QC) built a Million Riyals school for orphans in Bangladesh

  • October 28, 2016
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Qatar Charity (QC) has built a school for orphaned female students in Bangladesh as part of its ongoing efforts to provide the best care to orphans and sponsored poor students.

Khalid Abdullah al-Yafei, executive director of the Operations Department at QC, stressed that building Haji Ismet School was an urgent necessity as more than 1,000 sponsored female students residing in a social welfare centre established by QC in Kishoreganj district were facing difficulties in getting their education.

In addition, there are no intermediate and secondary schools close to the centre and the orphaned students also have to cope with hot weather, humidity and rainfall.

He noted that QC built Haji Ismet School to enable QC’s sponsored female students to finish their secondary and university education and achieve a better future for the children of the targeted areas. Building this school is mainly aimed at raising the level of the students, providing them with intermediate and secondary education as well as permanent and temporary jobs, and reducing overcrowding in classrooms in neighbouring schools that follow the two-shift system.

Al-Yafei extended his thanks and appreciation to Qatari donors and residents for helping the orphans and students, assuring that the Qatari philanthropists ere essential partners of QC’s achievements in serving the needy.

Dr Mohamed al-Amin Hafez, director of QC’s office in Bangladesh, said Qatar Charity develops plans and strategies and implements projects and programmes in all areas, including education, in line with the development plans of Bangladesh.

He added that the 1,800sq m school includes six floors, built at a total cost of QR1mn. The school not only offers general education to intermediate and secondary stages, but also religious and technical education, including handicrafts and medicine. This would help the orphaned female students get the kind of education they desired, it was observed.

Further, he said the project would enable the female orphans and students of the region to finish their education until the 12th grade and enhance their educational qualifications. The school will cover different educational disciplines, including scientific, literary, economic and vocational skills.

The Orphans Welfare Programme is one of the most important projects implemented by it in Bangladesh, QC has said in a press statement. The project sponsors 5,700 orphans, with four big centres providing comprehensive care to 2,000 orphans – including accommodation, food, drink, health and education services and vocational training.

The remaining orphans receive high-quality comprehensive care in the educational, health and recreational fields while living with families, the statement adds.

The centres, which include a number of facilities and internal departments, aim to provide the sponsored orphans with comprehensive education (general, religious and vocational), healthcare and all required services so that they could live a decent life. (Gulftimes)