Job change now more easier in Qatar (2017 New amendment)

  • January 14, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 3 min read

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has amended some of the conditions for changing jobs by expatriates in Qatar, making the process simpler and widening the scope of potential beneficiaries.

Previously listed terms like same nationality, gender and profession are no more seen on the Ministry’s website link where an expatriate worker needs to apply for a job change, Arabic daily Al Sharq has reported.

According to earlier rules, expatriates seeking to change jobs in Qatar could be recruited by only those companies that have the visa for the same nationality, gender and profession as that of the candidate.

The special clause that said expatriates above 60 years are not eligible is also not there on the revised link. Earlier, the ministry had stressed that the age of the person looking for a new employer should be less than 60 years.

Law No. 21 of 2015 on the Entry, Exit and Residency of Foreign Nationals that came into force on December 13, 2016, makes migrant workers who have completed the stipulated tenure with their current employers eligible for change of jobs. The regulations are meant for private-sector jobs in the country.

A worker who wants to move to a new employer, has to notify his current employer through the link on the ministry’s website.

Expatriate workers can access the services of “employer change” and “leave the country” through the link named Worker Notice e-service on the Ministry’s website. Applicants can avail the service by entering their Qatar ID and mobile phone numbers.

On entering the PIN sent to the mobile number, the worker can see all the information pertaining to him like occupation, age and employment data.

The worker has to attach the necessary documents such as a copy of his attested employment contract, a copy of the document that proves the “friendly end of contractual relationship” with the current employer or the document that proves abuse of powers by the employer.

In the terms and conditions listed on the Ministry’s website, it states that “there should be no restrictions against the new employer that would stop the change”.

Other standard conditions for the successful transfer include the worker giving his current employer a notice period of 30 days in case of fixed-term contracts.

To be eligible in case of open-ended contracts, the service period of the employee with his current employer should not be less than five years, and the employee should serve a notice period of 30 days in case of five years of service and 60 days in case of more than five years.

The Ministry of Labour will study the application and take the necessary action, based on applicable standards and regulations.

Those who come across problems or technical issues while trying to change jobs online may contact the technical support at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs:, phone 40288888.(Gulftimes)