8 Things Your iPhone Earphones Can Do

  • November 12, 2016
  • internetQatar
  • 1 min read

Apple is one of the best companies at taking something simple and adding advanced features to it. The only problem is, they add so many things that 99% of the population don’t even know they exist. Here are some things your iPhone earphones can do that you probably weren’t aware of.

8. Rewind

Missed a part of your favorite song, or simply want to hear it again? Triple click the center button on your earphones and it’ll start rewinding.

7. Popular

If you receive another call whilst you’re already on the phone to someone, pressing the middle button once will hold your current call and answer the new one.

6. End

Similarly to putting someone on hold, pressing the center button once with just one person on the line will end the call.

5. Fast forward

Want to get to the best bit of a song? Double click and hold the skip button for it to start fast forwarding.

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