Ramadan: More than 50,000 products price capped

  • May 24, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced price caps on more than 50,000 food and non-food products throughout the holy month of Ramadan in its latest initiative, in co-operation with shopping malls and large retail outlets.

The price caps are the latest in a series of initiatives launched by the MEC to mark Ramadan under the theme “#Aqal_Min_Al_Wajeb.” The initiative comes within the framework of the ministry’s efforts to maintain balanced and stable prices, and prevent any unjustified increases in the prices of commodities and consumer goods.

The list of capped prices cover more than 50,000 food and non-food items, including poultry, eggs and their derivatives, frozen meat and its derivatives, milk (fresh, condensed and powdered), dairy products, tea, coffee products, sugar, halawa, jam, legumes, cereals, rice and its derivatives, biscuits, potato chips, mineral water, fresh and canned juices, canned food, edible and cooking oil, milk, baby food, baby diapers and sanitary napkins of all kinds, personal hygiene products and household detergents, tin paper, preservatives, tissue paper, and household items of all kinds.

The MEC has urged all shopping malls and retail outlets across the state to maintain stable prices on food and non-food items and refrain from increasing prices without obtaining the approval of the committee that sets price caps and profit margins in line with article 2 of Ministerial Decision Number (8) of 2013, which regulates price hikes on commodities and services.


The MEC stressed that it will not tolerate any violations of the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations, and intensify its inspection campaigns to crack down on violations.

The ministry said it will refer those who violate laws and ministerial decrees to competent authorities, who in turn take appropriate action against perpetrators in order to protect consumer rights.

The MEC has urged all customers to report any violations to its Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department through the following channels: Hotline: 16001, e-mail: info@mec.gov.qa, Twitter: @MEC_Qatar, Instagram: MEC_Qatar, MEC mobile app for Android and IOS: MEC_Qatar (Gulftimes)