Qatar ministry boosts local dairy products

  • June 8, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 4 min read

 Efforts being made by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) to popularize Qatari dairy products through social media platforms are expected to go down well with the residents.

The move would not only help those experiencing difficulties in getting fresh milk and other dairy products owing to the land transport blockade from across the border but also likely to give each of those locally made brands a considerable push in the local market.

While interacting with Gulf Times yesterday, some of the grocers said though they are experiencing some difficulties in getting adequate supplies of dairy products, especially fresh milk, the MEC efforts are helping residents to be familiar with the local products and as a result they are expected to become popular in the next fortnight.

At least five local dairy products, including two which were launched in the market recently, stand to gain from the ministry’s campaigns, it is felt.

Otherwise, the local dairy products have had only very marginal presence in the market, inquiries found.

Some of the WhatsApp groups managed by grocery operators are actively promoting the local products and a grocery owner said he is hearing about some of those brands for the first time.

Reacting to the move, a grocery operator said he would place orders for more local fresh milk at least until the blockade is over. “If the response is good, we would continue to promote such local brands,” he added.

Availability of food normal, prices stable
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has underscored the availability of food and consumer products across markets in Qatar, assuring people that the supply of such items will not be affected by the diplomatic row and closure of land borders.

The market situation is normal and prices are stable, the MEC said in a statement issued in multiple languages yesterday.

Through the statement, which was issued in a Q&A format, the ministry sought to clarify doubts that people might have over the availability of food and other items in the wake of some Gulf and other countries severing diplomatic ties with Qatar and closing land borders.

Will the Qatari market be affected by the severing of diplomatic ties and the closure of land borders with some neighboring countries?
Qatar will not be affected because of the availability of strategic reserves of basic food commodities, the MEC said, noting that the import of all food and consumer goods from different sources and countries continues normally.

Did the government put in place an emergency plan to deal with such crises?
There is a government plan that is activated under such circumstances to ensure that the State is not affected by any events, the ministry explained. “Abundant quantities of food and consumer products exist in the market,” it added.

Qatar imports some products through land. Will the Qatari market be affected and will it face shortages when it comes to these products?
The MEC stressed that the market would not be affected because the “sweeping majority of products are imported through air and maritime ports”. The ministry said it is co-ordinating with importers to ensure that imports continue normally while alternative plans exist to face any shortages in commodities.

Will the prices of products be affected by the recent developments in the region?
“Prices are stable and will not be affected, particularly that the prices of most consumer and food products have been fixed and any change would require co-ordination with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce,” the MEC said.

“All residents in the State of Qatar will not be affected and the ministry stresses that the market situation is normal,” it added.

The MEC also posted a video on social media highlighting the availability of food and consumer products in the local market. (GulfTimes)