Qatar–India Cultural Exhibitions in line

  • April 1, 2019
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

FBQ Museum has announced the launch of its Qatar–India Cultural Exhibitions in line with the Qatar India 2019 Year of Culture, in partnership with the Indian Embassy.

A Qatar Museums initiative, the Year of Culture is a year-long programme developed to deepen understanding between nations through mutual exchanges of arts, culture, heritage and sport.

Under the context of cultural exchange, FBQ Museum brings together the treasures of the museum-owned collection in order to promote mutual understanding, recognition and appreciation between Qatar and India.

Composed of five main topics – Community, Trade, Arts, Food and Incense – the exhibition takes one on a journey exploring the rich and diverse Indian cultures, the long historic links between Qatar and India and cultural similarities between Qatar and India.

Aspects of language, religion, calligraphy, fashion and design, spices and trade are placed in an astonishing and reviving context, thus raising awareness of close links that one might have forgotten in the passage of time.

Complementing the rather historic exhibition at the FBQ Museum’s main hall, an exhibition by Indian miniature artists Ajay and Vinita Sharma will be opened simultaneously at FBQ Museum’s new contemporary art space The White Majlis.

The exhibition will establish their achievement as artists trained by masters and depict their journeys to becoming experimental contemporary artists in their own right. After an exclusive VIP preview on Thursday, the exhibitions will be officially open to the public on Friday and on display until the end of July 2019 during museum opening hours.

Exhibition curator Prof. Mohammedmoin Sadeq will offer a lecture about the exhibition at the museum’s main hall on April 13 at 3pm, followed by a guided tour.Courtesy:ThePeninsula