National Day celebration is expression of joy and achievements: al-Sada

  • December 14, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 4 min read

HE Minister of Energy and Industry Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada said that the National Day is an expression of the nation’s joy in the achievements of its people who elevated their country and preserved its capabilities, and embodies pride and appreciation of the ancient past.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of the National Day, HE the Minister stated that God has granted Qatar a wise leadership that is working for its country, wider nation and all humanity, noting that Qatar National Vision 2030, launched and sponsored by HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad A-Thani, is an example of the leadership’s enlightened and forward-looking vision that will lead to the improvement of human life on this land and in the whole world.

Regarding the slogan of National Day celebration, HE Dr. Al Sada stated that the Emir’s quote, “Promise of Prosperity and Glory,” is a promise from the loyal leader who is confident in himself and his people, who love him as well, adding that it’s an optimistic start of a new era of liberality and prosperity. He also said that Qatar today became more determined and more aware of its capabilities and its ability to accomplish more achievements and persist in the face of crises.

The Minister of Energy and Industry pointed out that the victory of the State of Qatar over the unjust siege did not come from a vacuum or was a random reaction; it was a continuation of the efforts over decades and based on a vision of a wise leadership that takes into account the interest of the homeland, and citizens and residents on its soil, and works for development and peace.

HE said that the State of Qatar has been able to overcome this unjust siege by planning ahead. Thus, it managed the crisis well by utilizing the reason and insight, avoiding pettiness and through to the values and principles we learned from our religion. The State of Qatar succeeded in defeating the will of evil that surrounded it through its citizens and residents who united with their leadership and supported it with firm resolve and confidence.

He said that the energy sector was able to break the siege by activating all plans prepared to ensure the continuity of business during the crisis. It also took all necessary measures to ensure the continuity of energy supply and communication with major consumers and reassured them that Qatar is committed to all its energy related contracts especially LNG contracts.

The Minister of Energy and Industry pointed out that these efforts have confirmed Qatar’s status as a reliable supplier; no shipment of export to any customers were hindered. This has strengthened Qatar’s credibility and position in front of its partners and enabled it to become a reliable partner that does not waive its commitments even in the most difficult circumstances.

He said that a few days after the start of the unjust siege, there were directives from the leadership to take the necessary steps to support the industrial sector and achieve self-sufficiency. The government issued a number of decisions and initiatives, including obligating ministries and government institutions to buy products produced domestically if the approved Qatari specifications are available, postponing the payment of industrial land fees for one year for productive factories and postponing industrial loans for six months.

He explained that more than 35 factories started production since the beginning of the unjust siege, and many factories succeeded in doubling the capacity of production. The State also introduced a new initiative, “Own Your Factory within 72 hours,” which was well received by the private sector. More than 60 factories were approved during the same period.

HE stressed that the strategic plans of the State of Qatar are in place and are being implemented efficiently. They encompass the development of the industrial sector in order to diversify sources of national income and increase the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the GDP, as well as develop the opportunities that benefit from available natural resources. Additionally, the State wants to encourage the privet sector to increase its contribution to industrial development, focus on the use of national manpower trained in industry and encourage foreign capital to invest in the industry field. (QNA)