Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffer outages

  • April 14, 2019
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

Doha: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have been down worldwide, including Qatar for last 2 hours. All the sites displayed a ‘can’t be reached’ message. According to reports, the issue seems to have spread worldwide with social media users from all over taking to Twitter to voice their frustration.

Facebook Inc’s social networking site is inaccessible to some users across the world on Sunday, according to Downdetector.com, a website which monitors outages.

The outage tracking website showed that there are more than 9000 incidents of people reporting issues with Facebook. Downdetector.com’s live outage map showed that the issues mainly cropped up in Europe.

Separately, Downdetector.com also showed that there were issues with WhatsApp and Instagram, but with relatively lower count of outage reports.

One of the users joked tweeting, “Here we go again. Facebook and Instagram are down and now everyone will rush to Twitter to complain about it.

While another was happy and hoped that the social media remains down for another day, so that she didn’t have to see any Game of Thrones spoilers.

Facebook had experienced one of its longest outages in March when some users around the globe faced trouble accessing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for over 24 hours. Courtesy:ThePeninsula