Democracy in action as Qataris vote in CMC polls

  • April 17, 2019
  • internetQatar
  • 3 min read

Doha: The Chairman of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) Elections Supervisory Committee, Major General Majid Ibrahim Al Khulaifi, yesterday announced the results of 25 CMC constituencies where 85 candidates contested the elections while four constituencies had been already won by acclamation. Major General Majid Ibrahim, who is also Director of Elections Department at the Ministry of Interior, said that the total number of voters who cast votes yesterday was 13,334 with a 50.10 percent voter turnout.

Two women were among the winners: Sheikha Yousef Hassan Al Jufairi and Fatma Ahmed Khalfan Al Kuwari from constituency numbers 8 and 9 respectively.

A total of 85 candidates, including five women, contested in 25 constituencies out of 29. Members of four constituencies ‑ 7, 22, 27, and 28 ‑ were elected by acclamation. Out of total 29 winning candidates, 15 candidates were newcomers, while 14 candidates have been reelected to the CMC.

While announcing the results, Major General Majid Ibrahim thanked all authorities who supervised the CMC elections terming the whole exercise as a great success.

Earlier from 8am to 5pm, thousands of Qataris voted to elect their representatives.

The Supervisory Committee for the Elections of the CMC said that the voting process took place in an atmosphere of freedom and transparency, thanks to community awareness.

It said that the municipal elections, reflects the democracy in the country and is the best evidence of the progress and prosperity in the State of Qatar. “The Ministry of Interior has made great efforts to organise the polling process and to be successful,” it added.

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Committee for the Elections of the CMC, Brigadier Salem Saqr Al Muraikhi, said that the voting process was conducted in an atmosphere of integrity and transparency without recording any violation.

He explained that the Electoral Law Committee has done a great work and continues to work in cooperation with the technical committee for the elections in terms of ensuring the safety of the ballot papers.

The Committee also responds to all legal inquiries received from the electoral commissions for the success of the elections. He also praised the people’s keenness to participate in the election and choose their representatives to the CMC in its six session.

Brigadier Abdulrahman Majid Al Sulaiti, member of the Supervisory Committee, confirmed that the voting process took place in an atmosphere of freedom and transparency. He also noted that the pre-election preparations played an important role in facilitating the voters’ participation during the voting.

Brigadier Abdullah Khalifa Al Muftah, head of the Media Information Committee, said that the Supervisory Committee has worked to hold elections characterised by transparency and a free atmosphere in expressing opinion, and choosing the best representative in the Municipal Council.

The turnout of women in some constituencies of the municipal elections was higher than the previous sessions, which reflects the increase of awareness about the importance of participation in election process.

Head of the electoral committee in the Constituency Number 8 (Old Airport), Judge Mohammed Mubarak Al Dossari said polling process witnessed a remarkable turnout of citizens since the opening of the ballot boxes at 8am.

The number of people registered in this constituency is 1,975, and they voted for two candidates in this constituency.

Head of the Electoral Committee in Constituency Number 19, Mousa Ibrahim Al Hatmi pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior has completed the arrangements for the electoral process to the fullest, from the entry of the voter to the headquarters, and until he left after voting, and the presence of volunteers and their efforts make the process easy.Courtesy:ThePeninsula