CMC elections see remarkable turnout of voters

  • April 17, 2019
  • internetQatar
  • 1 min read

Qatari voters went to the polling booths  to elect their representatives at the CMC for its sixth session.

Brigadier Abdul Rahman Ali Al Maliki, Head of Technical Committee for the CMC elections said that “the total number of voters is 27,722, of which 52 percent are men.”

Head of the electoral committee in the 8th constituency in Old Airport Judge Mohammed Mubarak Al Dossari said polling process witnessed a remarkable turnout of citizens since the opening of the ballot boxes at 8 am.

The number of people registered in this constituency is 1,975, and they vote for two candidates in this constituency.

The participation in some constituencies reached more than 70 percent.

The polling stations were opened at 8am and closed 5pm.

A total of 85 candidates, including five women, compete in 25 constituencies out of the 29.

Members of four constituencies ‑ 7th, 22nd, 27th and 28th ‑ were elected by acclamation.Courtesy:ThePeninsula