Awareness drive against using mobile phone while driving

  • March 27, 2019
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

Doha: The General Directorate of Traffic yesterday launched an awareness traffic campaign on ‘the dangers of using mobile phone while driving’, which is one of the main causes of accidents. The drive came in the framework of the annual awareness plan by the Media and Traffic Awareness Section of the General Directorate of Traffic and targets new drivers, university students and schools.

The campaign will continue until the end of next month, and will includes a series of educational meetings and lectures organized in the driving schools targeting trainees in a number of driving schools.

The legal violations that drivers face when the violation occurs and ways to decrease it will be discussed during these campaign. It also targets new drivers and motorists on highways by raising awareness in driving schools, educational schools, universities and companies in various areas to alert them on the danger of using mobile while driving. The use of the mobile phone is one of the main causes of traffic accidents according to the latest traffic statistics and is also a negative traffic behavior committed by some drivers, and cause most of the traffic accidents.

It is also a major cause of traffic congestion, as the preoccupation of some drivers with mobile leads to deviate from normal traffic, which hinders traffic. More than half of fatal traffic accidents and serious injuries are caused due to the use of mobile phones while driving.

Engaging in mobile phone caused 44.1 percent of the minor injuries, 52.2 percent of the serious injuries and 51.6 percent of the deaths, of the total traffic accidents recorded recently, according to last year’s statistics released by the General Directorate of Traffic. After the violation of over-speeding, the violation of using mobile phone while driving comes second among the most common violations that cause traffic accidents. Courtesy:Peninsula