6 tips to keep your car cool as Qatar temperatures soar

  • June 12, 2019
  • internetQatar
  • 2 min read

It is the beginning of Summer and everyone is feeling the heat as the temperatures nudge closer to the 45-degree Celsius. Getting into parked cars is a nightmare, and into one that been parked outside in the open can feel like being roasted. Here are a few tips from auto experts to help you keep your car relatively cool and to cool it as quickly as possible once you get in.

1. Park in shade or park smart. If possible park below a building or shadow of a building. In case you have to park your car in the open, then park it in such a way that the sun is behind you. This will reduce the intensity of heat on steering wheel, dashboard, and seats

2. Invest in sun shade. Sun shades are foldable covers for your windshield that can be pressed against the inside of windshield using the sun visors to secure them. Investing in a good quality sun shade coated with reflective chrome works the best to deflect the sun’s rays away from the window.

3. Keep windows slightly cracked. Leaving the windows a bit open can allow the air to continue moving inside the car thus preventing it from heating up beyond the outside temperature. Do not take this risk if the weather department predicts a sandstorm for the day.

4. Leave the door open for a few seconds. Before getting into the car, leave the door open for 15-20 seconds before you enter so that hot air trapped in car escape faster.

5. Give it a cool wipe. Wipe the steering wheel and gear knob with a wet cotton towel to make it easier for you to touch.

6. Leave the windows open. As you start driving, keep the windows open for a minute or two to remove the hot air from the air conditioner and get the air circulating. Once the temperature is down to a comfortable point, roll the windows up.

And finally, never leave kids alone in a parked car even for a short while. Hope these help you deal with your sizzling car a bit easier, Courtesy:The Peninsula