2017 supermoon around the world

  • December 4, 2017
  • internetQatar
  • 1 min read

A Blue Moon refers to the second full moon in a calendar month — which is rare, since full moons occur every 29.5 days, according to NASA. A Blue Moon can be a supermoon, just like any other full moon. In fact, the supermoon slated for Jan. 31, 2018, will be both, making it a Super Blue Moon.

The supermoon has made a spectacular appearance around the world.

December’s full moon – traditionally known as the Cold Moon – appeared 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than usual.

Tom Kerss, an astronomer at Royal Observatory Greenwich, said the exact moment of full moon was yesterday 3rd December.

He added: ‘This year’s Cold Moon is closer to us than the average full moon this year; close enough to qualify as a supermoon, according to the widely accepted definition.